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  • by Jim Connolly
    Today, I’d like to give you a proven way to build trust from your prospective clients or customers — before they even know you. Here’s how it works. When I share this idea with small business owners, I start by asking them to consider a few questions. Here’s what I ask them. If you publish a […]
  • by Coach Laura
    Wondering what to post on social media that will attract more leads? These top 10 strategies will turbocharge your social media presence and help build your list. 💥 Brace yourself, because growth is getting personal. 💥 Post Frequently – I know this can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to Continue Reading → The post […]
  • by Editor
    E-commerce has not only reshaped the modern business landscape but also created inspiring success stories across the globe.  One such example is Nivetha Muralidharan, who transitioned from a software engineer to an e-commerce guru, founding her own agency that specializes in converting traditional businesses into online successes.  Similarly, the story of Flipkart, started by former […]
  • by Editor
    As I was scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled upon a post by a local plant shop showcasing their plants. I was interested in one of their green offerings (not an unusual occurrence for me), so I sent them a message. To my surprise, I was greeted with a friendly welcome message and a prompt to […]
  • by Stevy Liakopoulou
    Discover how to optimize your e-commerce website’s sitemap with Stevy’s six steps in this edition of Whiteboard Friday.
  • by Jenn
    Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Spotify My company AppSumo is running an insane giveaway right now, where we are giving away a Cybertruck! Click here to enter. Today we’re re-running our awesome episode with Justin Welsh (Check him out on Twitter)! This guy is so IMPRESSIVE, and was one of our most popular episodes last year so […]
  • by Pat Flynn
    #786 The top lesson becoming a parent teaches us about our careers is that time is our most important resource. That's because every moment spent on things we're not passionate about is time away from our kids! So how do you do more of the work you care about? Amy Nelson of The Riveter and […]
  • by Jay Yang
    HAPPY THURSDAY! This year for Sumo Day, we’re giving away a Cybertruck!! (I wish I could win, but I’m not eligible ) Enter here for a chance to win:  Now onto this week’s article == At AppSumo, we spend nearly $1m a year on software tools. Our team has tested tens of thousands of […]
  • by Megan Mahoney
    The problem with most best practice advice for marketing online courses is that it’s geared towards people who already have… Continue Reading The post How To Market Online Courses And Get Customers Now appeared first on Copyblogger.
  • by Editor
    Has marketing ever been more difficult than it is today? Most of us would argue not. I should know – I’ve been in marketing and eCommerce for more than 15 years. In my view, the biggest challenge marketers face today is connecting the tactical work they’re doing with high-level business objectives or KPIs set up […]

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